Welcome to the health shop in store section, in this section we wanted to show you all we aren’t just an online service. As we know the world has lost a lot of its personal communication due to the high influx of social media.

So we are quite old school in that we do like to see the customers where we can, and aim to bring back many old methods in being there for the customer as much as we possibly can. As you will also see in our advice section we do offer a wide range of contact options as we look to cater for all.


Below are a few images of our shop situated in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire. The shop currently opens 6 days a week Mon – Fri 10-5 and Saturday 10-1:30.  We also plan to consult after hours at some point too. Another great thing about the shop is the two treatment rooms we have upstairs, as our approach is never one dimensional we look at the person as a whole.


Gavin King / Nutritionist & Adviser

Everyday within the health shop we have in depth consultations with clients; this is something we do not charge for, as we believe it is our duty to provide compassion and knowledge in abundance. Also with no charge and to also help show and teach that there is another way to regain your health without the usual conventional ways. We do also offer a free advice service over the phone too so don’t worry if you aren’t within range of visiting us.


Call 01623 237 707


86 Station St, Mansfield Woodhouse,
Mansfield NG19 8AB



If you need any advice or information on our services or products get in touch today.