Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are the health shop team. We all work together on a daily basis in speaking to customers, to posting out orders and advertising our brand. We have seen rapid progression in the business and we believe it's because we work so hard in giving the customer our very best everyday.

Also every one of us has suffered different types of illnesses and has experienced a lot of what we now help with. Our primary goal as a team is to share our compassion, knowledge and time to help transform and inspire as many lives as possible.  Each one of us carries a different skill set which spreads wide amongst different subjects so we believe there is know one that comes to us that we can’t help.

The Health Team

Gavin King

Nutritionist & Adviser

Specialist Subjects: Urinary tract, Gut & Hormones

Favourite Supplements: Terra Nova Garlic, Raw Reserve Greens, BetterYou Vitamin D3/K2

Favourite Foods: Carvery, Mexican And Thai

Favourite Quote: Love many; trust few always paddle your own canoe

Biggest Achievement: Convincing our grandma that CBD is actually legal.

Liam King

Nutritionist & Adviser

Specialist Subjects: Depression, Neurological Conditions, and Sports Performance

Favourite Supplements: Raw Sport Vegan protein, Nutri Magnesium, CBD

Favourite Foods: Paleo, Salads, Japanese

Favourite Quote: Even when you can only see darkness, the light is always there you just have to look for it.

Biggest Achievement: Finishing 2nd in 100m run in year 4.

Kelly Hopley

Colonic Specialist, Reiki Master & Nutrition Adviser

Specialist Subjects: Nutrition, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Reiki

Favourite Supplements: Flaxseed Oil & Magnesium

Favourite Foods: Indian, Bagels & Occasional G&T

Favourite Quote: Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever

Biggest Achievement: Learning to spell using alphabet spaghetti

Tara Holland

Shop Assistant & Accountant

Specialist Subjects: Pet Nutrition, Children’s Health

Favourite Supplements: Probiotic, Selenium, Wiley’s Fish Oil

Favourite Foods: Sunday Roast, Stews & Dumpling

Favourite Quote: Your illness does not define you, your strength and courage do.

Biggest Achievement: Learning my 8 times table

Grahame King

Reiki Master & Nutrition Adviser

Specialist Subjects: Depression, Neurological Conditions, and Sports Performance

Specialist Subjects: Building immune system, Emotions (Depression/Anxiety)

Favourite Supplements: CBD, Vitamin C & Milk Thistle

Favourite Foods: Thai, Homemade Curry’s

Favourite Quote: You must do the things you think you cannot do.

Biggest Achievement: Learning to tie my laces age 27

Karen Walker


Specialist Subjects: Reflexology & General health

Favourite Supplements: Magnesium, CBD & Collagen

Favourite Foods: Chicken & pasta, Bread

Favourite Quote: Start telling the universe what you want, instead of what you don’t want

Biggest Achievement: Successfully switching careers several times and now finding my passion.