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Low Mood Support


Sick and tired of not wanting to get out of bed in a morning? Struggling to find any joy from your life mentally and also feel physically drained and exhausted?

Well this is the perfect combination to combat every angle, having suffered depression ourselves previously and having tried multiple different supplements we really feel we know what can transform your life.

This combination of supplements is something put together and has been trialed and tested on ourselves and amongst our vast array of customers from all of the country. We have seen tremendous results in doing so.

So the method in the madness, is this pack will target key area’s of your body such as your adrenal glands. These help to regulate everything within the human body and cortisol being one of the main ones. When we are struggling with fatigue or tiredness this can be one of the main issues. So with CBD you have what’s called an adaptogen, these are collectively known for restoring balance in these adrenal glands.

Another focus is gut health, as studies are now showing we produce about 90% of our serotonin in our guts. So as you can imagine when you aren’t feeling great this is one of the first places to look. Obviously dealing with stress and emotional issues is something we recommend alongside this too. Practices such as mindfulness and meditation can be a massive help in contributing to help you achieve your goals. So putting in probiotics is vital to supporting this but also a healthy immune and digestive system.

One important feature of this pack is the St johns wort, personally it was life changing for me. But also please consult with your doctor before taking these if you are on any kind of antidepressants as they can be contradicting.

If you would like any help with this, please contact one of our nutritionists and they can help talk you through the pack to see if it is a suitable match for you.

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