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Raw Sport Immune Recover


Raw Sport Recover takes recovery to the next level. Recover is an immune boosting formula that focuses on micronutrition to rejuvenate, regenerate and repair cellular damage caused by physical activity. This is theĀ ultimate elite recovery product.

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Implementing raw sports immune formula into the diet will help to alleviate suppression of the immune system. The body is under a constant bombardment of external stressors that overloads the immune system and prevents it from functioning optimally. Poor diet, exposure to toxins, lack of sleep, Electromagnetic fields, medications and many more modern day factors can impact the bodies own innate defence system to work effectively. This can result in consistently getting sick in the short term and increase the risk of getting a degenerative disease in the long term. Medicinal mushrooms are renowned for their health properties and have been scientifically proven to be more abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds than any other food source. They help immunity because they contain compounds called beta glucans. Beta glucans are polysaccharides that naturally live inside the cell walls of fungi. Beta glucans help to balance the immune system if it is over stimulated and help specific immune cells to achieve well co-ordinated attacks on their targets if it is suppressed.


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